Student Centers

Art, Fixtures, and Donation Boxes

Requests to place fixtures in any Student Centers location, including Reynolds Club, Bartlett, Ida, and the Quad, such as art pieces and donation boxes, are reviewed by the Associate Director for Event Management, Derek Bundy. To submit a request, please send the information below to

  1. Your name and the department or RSO you are representing.
  2. A brief description of the installation (including dimensions, where possible, and any supplementary materials such as signs) and the location in which you’d like to place it.
  3. The dates during which you’d like to have the installation up (please note that installations may only stay up for a maximum of 2 weeks).
  4. A description of any events that you would like to hold around the installation, including date(s), time(s). and expected attendance.

The following policies must be adhered to for all fixture requests:

  1. The request must be placed under a department or RSO which will be responsible for ensuring that all relevant policies are followed, and to which any related costs will be invoiced and charged.
  2. The fixture must be set up and removed safely, without any permanent alterations or damage to the space. Any necessary repairs will be billed to the hosting department or RSO.
  3. The fixture must not include any material which is perishable, combustible, or otherwise unsafe or which may damage the surrounding area.
  4. The fixture may not block any throughfares or corridors, or obstruct passage through the area.
  5. Because the views expressed in an art installation may not reflect those of the University of Chicago or the Student Centers, the fixture must be clearly labeled with the hosting organization’s name, a description, and the dates for which the fixture will be in place.
  6. All installations or fixtures with an interactive component must be staffed by a member of your organization at all times; any interactive components must be removed, stored, or turned off when left unattended.
  7. Donation boxes must be emptied by the hosting organization daily.
  8. The fixture must be completely removed at the end of the agreed reservation period. If it is not, the Student Centers staff may discard it and any materials related to it and charge the hosting organization a cleanup fee of $50 to $100, depending on the size and scope of the cleanup.