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The Student Centers and the Office of College Programming and Orientation (CPO) present you with a new University of Chicago tradition – the Postcard Project! Designed as a paper time capsule and a memento of your first year at the University, we are asking for your participation.

At the end of your senior year, you will receive a hard copy of your postcard to look back on. From all of us at the offices of the Students Centers and College Programming and Orientation, we wish you a great school year and we look forward to meeting you!

The deadline to participate is Friday, October 16, 2022 at 11:59pm Central Time.

How to Participate

1. Fill out the postcard manually

Want to write on a physical copy of the postcard yourself? Find our table at one of the events listed below.

  • 9/21/22 – Orientations Resource Fair, 11am-1pm @ Ida Noyes Hall
  • 9/22/22 – Hutchinson Dinning Commons, 12pm-2pm @ Reynolds Club
  • 9/23/22 – Reynolds Club Party, 9:30pm-11pm @ Reynolds Club
  • 9/24/22 – College Night, 8pm-9pm @ MSI
  • Every Mondays from 9/26-10/10 – Marketplace, 11am-1pm @ Reynolds Club

2. Fill out the postcard virtually 

Missed a chance to fill out the postcard in person? No worries! We have a form you could fill out and write the postcard virtually. Your entry will be printed on the postcard.


  1. Include your name, hometown, intended major (if you have one – if not, that’s ok, too!), and your UChicago ID number (this is the 9 character code on the back of your ID that ends in a letter). These will be important for us to have so we can get you a copy of your postcard later!
  2. Make sure to include the date you’re writing this postcard!
  3. Click submit!

The Postcard Project 2022

The Postcard Project 2022

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