Student Centers

Program Manager for Student Retail

The Student Centers is currently searching to fill a full time staff position, the Program Manager for Student Retail. Reporting to the Associate Director for Building Services, the Program Manager, works with the coffee shop student managers and Student Centers staff to ensure the viability and development of each of the four coffee shops and their student staff: Cobb, Hallowed Grounds, Harper, and Ex Libris. The Manager is to lead, manage, and advise the staff of each coffee shop in every aspect of their operation. The Manager, in conjunction with each shop manager, is on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in case of emergency. The Manager has overall responsibility for all financial matters including budgeting, expenditures, income, cash handling and policy development, as well as for training and certification in safety, sanitation and food preparation and handling. The Manager works with the student managers to market and plan events for each of the shops and manage the University’s relationship with the vendor of the pub, an operation on campus that serves liquor.

We are looking forward to finding a Program Manager who will help implement the recommendations from our recent Program Review.

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Cobb Coffee Shop

Ex Libris Cafe

Hallowed Grounds

Harper Cafe

The Pub