Student Centers

Student Run Coffee Shops: Collaboration, Advertisement, and Event Policies

The Student Run Coffee Shops are committed to fostering innovative environments where the campus community can engage with and develop the cafés in new and exciting ways. Inviting the campus to participate in the full utilization of our cafes is important to us.

All forms of collaboration, articles of advertisement, or events must align with our core values and be approved by the Program Manager for Student Retail and General Manager of the designated location.

    The Student-Run-Coffee Shops have the following policies regarding projects, in addition to the Student Centers general policies:

    1. The request must be placed by members of a Department or Recognized Student Organization (RSO), which will be responsible for ensuring that all relevant policies are followed, and to whom any related costs will be invoiced and charged.
    2. The request must be submitted at least 2 weeks prior to the date requested.
    3. Requests must be approved before any advertising can begin.
    4. Art installations will adhere to Student Centers policies towards art fixtures.
    5. Projects may not displace regular patrons of the coffee shop.
    6. Projects must align with the Student Centers’ Mission Statement.

    To submit a request, please send the information below to :

    • Your name and the Department or RSO you are representing.
    • A brief description of the project. (In this description, answer the following questions: Who? What? Where? Why? Include in the proposal what value this brings to the café and campus community.)
    • The ideal dates for the project.