Student Centers

Mission and Vision Statements


The Student Centers enhance the daily lives of students by creating environments that build community. We are committed to providing the campus community with high-quality services, programs, activities, and facilities that complement the University’s academic mission.


Active Inclusivity

Foster accessible, welcoming, and respectful environments where opportunities to embrace, celebrate, and learn about the qualities and experiences of all individuals and groups are encouraged.


Provide spaces that foster a sense of University pride where students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community members can socialize, share ideas, and collaborate.


Inspire and develop new traditions and activities that honor our rich, vibrant history while adapting to the changing needs of the University community.


Practice ethical behavior and decision making through consistent, honest, and fair enforcement of policies while maintaining the highest level of our professional standards.

Student Development

Offer quality employment and learning opportunities that promote intellectual and professional growth as well as personal development.