Student Centers

Facilities and Capacities

Our beautiful event spaces in the Student Centers portfolio capture the historic style and feel of the University of Chicago’s distinctive architecture and style. Please use the links below to explore our event spaces by building:

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COVID-19 & Capacities

All listed capacities are reflective of our maximum fire-code capacity for each event space. Should University, City, or State COVID policies or guidelines change, we will adjust as necessary. Finally, current best practice is to account for 10% – 20% of the room’s capacity to be distanced to accommodate for possible unvaccinated or immunocompromised guests.

Bartlett Hall

Located at 5640 S. University Ave, Bartlett Hall, originally a gymnasium, offers a historic ambiance. Bartlett Hall has two event spaces for student groups and University Departments. Bartlett Lounge and the Bartlett Arts Rehearsal Space. Additionally, two promotional tables are available on the first floor for ticket and food sales.

The building is also home to UChicago Dining locations, Bartlett Dining Commons and the Maroon Market, a small convenience store, is located on the first floor of the building.

Bartlett Lounge

The Bartlett Lounge was once the trophy room for the sports teams on campus. Now a meeting room and lounge space, its dark wooden cabinetry and tables provide a refined feel for events and meetings.

Maximum Capacity: 50

Bartlett Arts Rehearsal Space (BARS)

Co-managed with the Committee on Theater and Performance Studies BARS is available to student organizations with specific dance and movement rehearsal needs.

Maximum Capacity: 60 People


The Student Centers, in collaboration with the Office of the Registrar, schedules classroom space within both Harper Memorial Library at 1116 E. 59th St and Stuart Hall located at 5835 S. Greenwood Ave in the evenings and on weekends for co-curricular use.

All reservable Harper and Stuart classrooms, with the exception of Cox Lounge, are Multi-Media equipped. Unless otherwise noted, each has a built-in screen, LCD projector (not in Harper 125 or 135), VCR, DVD player, CD and cassette player, computer cable with mini-audio plug for connecting a laptop, ethernet network jack, and wireless networking access. Please be aware that all Harper AV equipment is managed and maintained by Multimedia Services, not the Student Centers.  Any audio/visual questions should be addressed to Multimedia Services directly in Harper 310F, (773) 834-4499.

The Student Centers do not schedule any space in Cobb or other classrooms across campus. Please look to the Registrar’s room booking site to reserve other spaces.

Harper Classrooms


Fixed Seating

Adjustable Seating





















141   X 12
145   X 22
148   X 24
150   X 20
151   X 10
Stuart Classrooms


Fixed Seating

Adjustable Seating












105 X   75
Cox Lounge   X 100
Ida Noyes Hall

Ida Noyes Hall, located at 1212 E. 59th Street, is an 82,000 square-foot building originally designed to be a women’s gymnasium and social center at the University of Chicago. Over the years, the building has undergone modest changes and has hosted many events, large and small, for the University community. The central goal of Ida Noyes Hall is to provide facilities and services to student organizations and University departments.

Event Space Dimensions Banquet Stand-up Reception Theater Style Conference Style Catering Prep Space?
Cloister Club 88′ x 44′ 250 250 300 Yes
Lounge 51′ x 25′ 80 80 80 40 Yes
Library 43′ x 29′ 100 100 100 40 Yes
Meeting Room 117 13′ x 11′ 10 No
Max Palevsky Cinema 475 No
East Lounge 34′ x 26′ 80 80 80 30 No
West Lounge 43′ x 30′ 100 100 100 30 No
Theatre 64′ x 29′ 140 200 200 60 Yes
Cloister Club

The wrap-around view of the historic Midway Plaisance through Ida Noyes Hall’s beautiful cathedral windows makes the Cloister Club a lovely space for banquets and formal presentations. Its vaulted ceilings and beautifully decorated wood paneling will give any event a formal touch. As the largest space in Ida Noyes Hall with expansive hardwood floors, the Cloister Club is ideal for large gatherings of 100 people or more.

  • Sit-down reception: 250 people
  • Stand-up reception: 300 people
  • Theater-style: 300 people
  • Prep space for catering: Yes

With windows looking out onto the Midway Plaisance and Rockefeller Memorial Chapel, the Library boasts some of the most beautiful views of the University of Chicago campus. The room is decorated with elegant wood paneling, a wooden fireplace, and built-in bookshelves that are stocked by the Office of Event Services. The cozy and quaint atmosphere of the Library makes it ideal for small lectures and presentations, and its charming décor is perfect for small banquets. As adjacent rooms, the Library and the Lounge are always rented out together.

  • Sit-down reception: 100 people
  • Stand-up reception: 100 people
  • Theater-style: 100 people
  • Prep space for catering: Yes
Library Lounge

Adjoining the Library is the Lounge space. The open layout of the Lounge is ideal for brunches and receptions. The decorative wood paneling covering the walls makes the room feel warm and cozy. The large antique table in the room compliments the wood paneling and can be used as a centerpiece for a buffet. The Lounge is always rented out together with the Library and is often used as a registration or banquet area preceding events in the Library.

  • Sit-down reception: 80 people
  • Stand-up reception: 80 people
  • Theater-style: 80 people
  • Prep space for catering: Yes
Max Palevsky Cinema

The Max Palevsky Cinema is a full-sized theater with seating for 475 people on two levels. Equipped with standard cinema seats, the Max Palevsky Cinema is ideal for large lectures, presentations and panels. As this space is reserved in the evenings during the academic year by Doc Films, it is available only during the day.

  • Total seating: 475
  • Lower-level seating: 165
  • Upper-level seating: 310
East & West Lounges

Located on the second floor of Ida Noyes Hall, the East & West Lounges are bright, refreshing spaces with elegant chandeliers, beautiful iron-paned windows, and expansive hardwood floors. As the two smaller event rooms in Ida Noyes Hall, the East & West Lounges can be used for small conferences, presentations, and banquets.

East Lounge:

  • Sit-down reception: 80 people
  • Stand-up reception: 80 people
  • Theater-style: 80 people
  • Prep space for catering: No

West Lounge:

  • Sit-down reception: 100 people
  • Stand-up reception: 100 people
  • Theater-style: 100 people
  • Prep space for catering: No
3rd Floor Theater

The Theatre is the second largest space in Ida Noyes Hall and features many ornate touches that make this space particularly beautiful. Its walls feature a 1918 mural painted by Jessie Arms Botke, “The Masque of Youth,” depicting the 1916 outdoor ceremony of the same name, celebrating the University’s 25th anniversary. The high arched ceiling and row of French doors that run the length of the room fills the space with bounteous natural light and gives it a feeling of ample spaciousness. The hardwood floors and the stage at one end of the room make the Theatre the perfect space for performances and banquets.

  • Sit-down reception: 120 people
  • Stand-up reception: 200 people
  • Theater-style: 200 people
  • Prep space for catering: Yes
Mandel Hall

Mandel Hall, the University’s premier concert venue, is located within the Reynolds Club at 1131 E. 57th St. Mandel is available to all manner of organizations including the University Symphony OrchestraUniversity of Chicago Presents, and multiple Recognized Student Organizations. Mandel Hall’s rich Victorian interior includes seating for 878 audience members, an ornate balcony, majestic windows (including one made by Tiffany & Co. given to the University by the class of 1902), and detailed oak woodwork. The concert hall is also equipped with extensive lighting and sound systems.

By default, Mandel Hall seats a total of 764. There are 406 seats in sixteen rows (Rows G – V) on the main floor, and 358 seats in the balcony. Up to six additional rows of moveable seating (Rows A – F) can be added to the front of the main floor, increasing the total capacity to 878. These seats are placed on lowered sections of the front of the stage.

Rows C – F, which add 80 seats, occupy the frontmost section of the stage, reducing its length by 9 feet. Rows A and B, which add 34 seats, occupy the next section of the stage, reducing its length by an additional 10’8”.

A Seating Chart with All Available Seating Options for the Hall Can Be Found Here 

The Quads

Hosting your event outdoors can be a great alternative for your organization. The University Quadrangles offer unique locations for barbecues, dinners, and noontime or evening performances. Check our Quadrangle Maps to find a location that might suit your needs.

When planning your outdoor event, please keep in mind that resources are limited: lighting, staging, and seating components will most likely have to be rented, increasing the expense of the event. Also, be sure to plan a rain location.

Please submit your request at least one week prior to your event so that appropriate offices can be informed of circumstances that might have an impact on their function. If you will be requiring electrical support, arrangements must be made no later than five days prior to your event.

Additional University Policies will also pertain to your Quad event. Please see the University student manual section on Outdoor Events for more information.

Reynolds Club

The Reynolds Club, located at 5706 S. University Ave., is the University’s primary student center and is often thought of as the hub of student life. The building offers a variety of event spaces and meeting rooms to be reserved for students free of charge.

Event Space Dimensions Banquet Stand-up Reception Theater Style Conference Style Catering Prep Space?
Hutchinson Commons 113′ x 37′ 330 330 330 Yes*
McCormick Tribune Lounge 64′ x 32′ 50 50 50 No
Marketplace No
Hutchinson Courtyard 400 1000 300 No
South Lounge 35′ x 24′ 40 50 40 16 No
Francis X Kinahan Theater 110 No
Conference Room 002a 12 No
Conference Room 010 10 No
Hutchinson Commons

The largest reception space in the Reynolds Club, Hutchinson Commons serves as a dining commons for the Hutchinson Servery during the day. In the evening and some weekends it is available to groups for events. Originally a dining hall with large wooden tables and chairs, this room is great for big study breaks and receptions. To rearrange furniture, please make arrangements with the Student Centers staff in advance.

Please click here for a room diagram or a dimensions diagram.

McCormick-Tribune Lounge

The McCormick-Tribune Lounge comes with a mixture of soft seating and coffee tables along with table and chair sets. The space is open to the public for study and gathering during the day and available for reservations in the evening and on weekends. Often the space is used for receptions, presentations, or study breaks.

Please click here for a room diagram or a dimensions diagram.


The Reynolds Club marketplace is the main thoroughfare of the building, extended from the main entrance at 57th street to the entrance of Mandel Hall. There are eight tables available to reserve Monday – Friday from 8am – 5pm. Groups use these tables as promotional opportunities for their organizations and to fundraise. Special events can also reserve this space in conjunction with Mandel Hall or other first floor spaces to host receptions or ticket distribution.

Please click here for a room diagram.

Hutchinson Courtyard

Adjacent to the Reynolds Club is the outdoor Hutchinson Courtyard. Furnished with picnic tables and plenty of outlets, this space is used by the campus community for a variety of events and activities from music concerts, social dances, and rallies.

Please click here for a room diagram.

South Lounge

This second floor space has soft seating and a large conference table which is great for larger meetings or smaller receptions. Please note that amplified sound and other loud activities are not permitted.

Please click here for a room diagram.

Francis X Kinahan Theater

The Francis X Kinahan theater, so named in 1993 after a University of Chicago Associate Professor in English Language and Literature, is a 117 seat proscenium theater for use by student organizations on the 3rd floor of the Reynolds Club. The space is managed jointly by the Student Centers and Theater & Performance Studies. Reservation requests are taken on a rolling basis for events happening in the same Quarter or through Friday of 8th week for the following Quarter. All FXK Requests must be submitted via Blueprint.

Conference Room 002a

This small conference room in the lower level of the Reynolds Club is reservable for a quick meeting or an entire week! The space is designed to act as a production space to support an event happening elsewhere in the building. Reach out to us to reserve the space in conjunction with Mandel Hall or a building-wide event.

Conference Room 010

This small conference room in the lower level of the Reynolds Club is fully equipped with a video conferencing screen and conference phone line.