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Resumption of Student Organization Activity in Fall 2020

On September 3, 2020, The Center for Leadership and Involvement posted updates for Student Organizations for Autumn Quarter 2020. The Student Centers worked very closely with with the Center for Leadership and Involvement to lay out plans for resumption of activity, with an emphasis on virtual resources and protocols for limited in-person events. To learn more about these updates, please visit the Autumn Quarter 2020 page on the Center for Leadership and Involvement Website.

In the coming weeks, the Student Centers will also be announcing a schedule of weekly event planning webinars that will be offered live and then recorded and shared as a resource for your student organization’s continued success in event planning, be it virtual or in-person. More details forthcoming!

As part of its mission to serve students, the Student Centers offer free and discounted rates and special services for student groups, which include Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs)Student Engagement Fund Organizations, and Graduate Student Organizations (GSOs) that are formally recognized by their corresponding school or division.

Policies and Pricing

Making a reservation

To reserve space follow our 4-step reservation process below:

  1. Browse our Event Spaces
  2. Browse our Event Services and Room Setups
  3. Request an event space using our online scheduler, EMS.
  4. Wait for your confirmation emailed from our scheduling office.

Room Lottery

For student groups that wish to schedule regular meetings in one of our event spaces may enter the quarterly room lottery. The room lottery assigns event spaces for use by student groups throughout the upcoming quarter. Room Lottery Forms for the following quarter are available and must be submitted during 8th week of the current quarter. For more information, please visit our Room Lottery page.


In partnership with the Phoenix Sustainability Initiative (PSI), the Student Centers strive to promote green event planning. For tips on how to make your event sustainable, please check out PSI’s Green Event Planning Guidebook and consult with your event coordinator.

For RSOs hosting catered events, Student Government provides free biodegradable utensils. See the PSI Green Event Planning Guidebook for more information.