Student Centers

Setup Styles

Banquet Style

Looking for the perfect setup for a group dinner or banquet? Banquet style is the most common setup for events serving meals, using 60″ round tables with up to 10 chairs around each table.

Banquet Style

Ida Noyes Hall Theatre  Banquet Style

Stand-up Reception

Stand-up receptions are the ideal, flexible setup to allow participants in your event to socialize. This setup uses high-boy tables scattered throughout the room. Please contact your Event Coordinator to discuss renting floor-length linens with ties to give your event that formal touch.

Stand-Up Reception

High-Boy Tables with Ties

Theater (Lecture) Style

Theater style is ideal for lectures, presentations, and group meetings of any size. It consists of chairs in rows facing a panel table or podium at the front of the room.

Theater Style

Conference Room

For larger groups, conference room style consists of 6-foot tables arranged in a square with chairs around the outside. For smaller groups, both Ida Noyes Hall and Reynolds Club have dedicated conference room spaces (see Meeting Room 117 and Reynolds Club 002a) with boardroom setup for up to 12 people. This setup facilitates discussion and is ideal for group meetings and discussion sessions.

Conference Room Style

Family (Cafeteria) Style

Family (Cafeteria) style is great for informal large-group events. This setup works great for student groups planning buffet-style meals.


Family Style

U-Shape Setup

Similar to conference room style, a U-shape setup will help facilitate discussion with participants facing each other, but with one end up, U-shape setup is ideal for seminars and group meetings with presentations.

U-Shape Setup

Classroom Style

Classroom style is ideal for teaching events, testing, or other meetings where participants will be writing. This setup consists of 6-foot tables with up to 3 chairs facing a panel table or podium at the front.

Classroom Style